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“Borderlands 3” Is Roaring In The Gaming World Since Its Release. Here Are The Reasons To Love The New Installment!!!



Among the most awaited games of the recent years, has been the Borderlands 3. Finally, after long waiting and anticipating, the game, Borderlands 3 has been released. The fans are now keen on buying the game and start playing already. But ever had only one question to ask, ‘What are the Characters this time around?’. Borderlands 3 is a first-person and action role play game with a highly unexpected and unprecedented comic angle to it. The funny aspect of the game series has been the X-Factor of the game and has made it become one of the most sold games in the recent past.

Image Credits: Gearbox.
Image Credits: Gearbox.


In every new installment of the Borderlands games, the player gets to choose from one of the ‘Vault Hunters’ who will be doing the loot and be your main character in the whole game. Each of the Vault hunters will have their own abilities and skill set. The gamer will first have to make a choice from among these Vault hunters and the beginning of the journey. In the latest installment of the game, Borderlands 3, each of the Vault hunters will have three unique skills and abilities. This is an addition which most people believe is the best feature of the third part of the game.

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The Vault hunters that are available to choose from, include a siren, an operative or a Beatmaster. Again, all the four will have a set of unique qualities which the user has to choose from. In the latest edition of the game, you will be seeing the new features such as augmentation and passive abilities of the characters. The augmentation will be influencing the active and action-oriented skills while the passive abilities have been introduced so that the user can improve his or her statistics.

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