Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Have Two Days Of Sun, Fun And Hot Nights Of Passion In Cabo

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It seems like it’s all over again in 1999. Brad Pitt and FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston’s reports are calling for a lot of attention to rekindle and revive their love. The latest buzz is that the two stars have made a brief journey to Cabo.

The connection between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston is back in the headlines. Despite being so long away from each other, they seem to have been hit by cupid again. Jennifer and Brad give a second thought if accounts are to be believed and are thinking of coming back together. In the meantime, some accounts indicate they took a mini-vacation to Cabo and enjoyed each other for two excellent days.

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According to a Star Magazine article, Jennifer took Brad on vacation to her favorite Cabo destination. “She brought him to Cabo for three sunny evenings, fun, and two passionate hot nights!” The source said, adding further, “It was all over again like 1999– just before they got married, when she and Brad were so in love and planning a life together.”
“It’s unsure what will occur next, but Jen and Brad seem happy to let things go,” the source said.

Jennifer, who has been single for quite a while now, appears to have some love at last. He had a very lengthy divorce with Angelina Jolie on the part of Brad. Brad had talked about his post-divorce lives in the latest interview with the New York Times. “I took stuff as far as I could, so I removed my rights for alcohol. All these people were sitting around open and frank.

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Jen’s favorite holiday destination has always been the scenic resort city. For her Friends co-star, Courteney Cox, she even lately hosted a birthday party there. The primary reason Cabo loves the 50-year-old, though, is that it holds such fond holiday memories of her moment married to her former husband, Brad. According to sources, Cabo was the perfect place to continue recruiting Jen and Brad.

Brad disclosed earlier in an interview how his life with Angelina Jolie had altered after divorce. Image “I’ve taken stuff as far as I could take it, so I’ve removed my drinking rights. You’ve had all these people sitting around being open and honest in a manner I’ve never heard of. It’s this safe space where there’s little judgment, so little self-judgment,” he said.