Entertainment Creators Rule Out Any Plan To Reboot FRIENDS

Creators Rule Out Any Plan To Reboot FRIENDS


The creators of Friends have ruled out any chance of a reboot or reunion of the beloved sitcom. He reportedly stated that it is not going to beat what they did.

Co-creator Marta Kauffman during a panel discussion at Tribeca TV Festival, celebrating the show’s silver jubilee anniversary said they would not be doing a reunion show, and they will not be doing a reboot.

She had reportedly put forward two reasons behind his claim, One of the reasons they won’t do a reunion is because this is a show about a time in our life when our friends are our family. And when we have a family, that changes. But the other reason is, it’s not going to beat what they did.

David Crane, other of the creator duo, also said that they did the show they wanted to do. They got it right, and they put a bow on it. If we visit those characters now, it just would not be the same DNA and chances are; it wouldn’t be as good.

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Monica went wrong!

Kauffman-Crane also had shed light on the disagreements they had over the airing of the pilot episode with an NBC executive, who they claim virtually slut-shamed Monica, played by Courtney Cox.

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In the trial episode, Monica shares a bed with Paul The Wine Guy on the very first date after he tells her that since his wife left him, he hasn’t been able to perform sexually.

Shortly after, Monica eventually finds that her co-worker was told the same thing and also slept with Paul, so she forbids speaking to Paul again.

The person who was the head of NBC at the time felt that Monica got what she deserved for sleeping with a guy on the first date, Kauffman stated with disgrace, adding to that was the unnamed executive who painted the character as a “slut” or “whore.” Thus, tainting and stigmatizing the Monica character that was unacceptable to her.

While unleashing her fury at the situation, Kauffman went to add: “Fire was coming out of my nose.”

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For all the fans of ‘FRIENDS’ worldwide, as of now, there is hardly any hope.


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