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Dan’s ex wife Guzzardi Shaded Lady Gaga on instagram after Lady Gaga and Dan’s kissing incident

3 months ago

and Lady Gaga were spotted kissing each other in public and after this Dan’s ex wife Guzzardi posted her head shot picture and captioned it as poker face to shade the Lady Gaga

Few days back, Lady Gaga was spotted kissing a guy namely,  Dan Horton and he is rumored to be her current boyfriend.
Lady Gaga was spotted kissing and audio engineer Dan Horton after her split up with her ex fiance Christian Carino. And she was seen after 6 months of break up in public domain.

Dan Horton got divorce from his wife Autumn Guzzardi. Dan’s ex wife Guzzarfi posted her absolutely stunning head shot picture after their kissing news on her Instagram and she captioned the picture as “Poker Face”, through which she was referring Lady Gaga.Many of Gaga’s fans observed the same immediately as the caption was referring the Lady Gaga’s 2008 iconic hit of the same name.

Lady Gaga’s fans defender her over the shade by commenting on the same.

One of them commented
“Omg so classless and juvenile! So your ex is dating lady Gaga”

“The another one pleaded for Guzzardi to “Leave gaga alone.”

Guzzardi is also an actor. Basically she is a theatre actress.

She has appeared in number of television shows over the years including an episode of Johny Lee Miller etc.

Nancy Jain