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Facebook Reportedly Planning on Launching a PORTAL TV Streaming Device


Facebook, reportedly, is looking to launch its own streaming device. Just like the Apple TV and Amazon’s Firestick, Facebook might be working on a new streaming device.

Reports suggest that the device will be part of the company’s Portal lineup. Apparently, it comes equipped with a camera for video-calling and far-field microphones. It is meant to be attached at the top edge of the TV. The device may also come with a speaker system to ensure echo cancellation and AR effects.

One of the most unique features of this streaming device is supposed to be video-calling, and that is what separates it from the other streaming devices. Facebook isn’t just looking to launch a streaming device. Instead, they are using their existing Portal platform to put video chatting in the front.

It is being speculated that the device will have a good speaker system since video calling is going to be an integral feature. To ensure that quality of video calls stays up to the mark, it would better to not rely on the built-in speakers of the TV.

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Reportedly, Facebook is in talks with streaming services like Netflix, Disney, and others to create exclusive content for their platform. The device is supposed to run on a modified version of its mobile app rather than running on Android TV. A lot of focus is going to be on the content that they stream, to be able to give good competition to the already existing devices, not only technologically, but also content-wise.

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There are also speculations that Facebook could be bringing back updated versions of the older Portal models along with the new ones.

However, the company is trying really hard to keep this device under wraps. The Facebook spokesperson has kept his silence on the rumors. All information about the device is being kept a secret. That is why everything about this project is the only speculation.


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