Entertainment “Game Of Thrones” Fame “Kit Harrington” Becomes a "Superhero"?...

“Game Of Thrones” Fame “Kit Harrington” Becomes a “Superhero”? See How???


GOT And the Stars

Game Of Thrones has been among the most sensational TV series in the past few years. It has a huge fan base, and the actors who were a part of this series have earned quite a lot of recognition. Kit Harrington, who played the famous Jon Snow in the TV series Game Of Thrones is now moving on to other big things in his career. Kit Harrington has been signed for a role in a movie being produced by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Experts believe that Harington, who has already earned a special place in the hearts of the die-hard fans of the fantasy series Game Of Thrones is among the best signings for the Marvel Universe films.


The air around the type of role which will be given to Kit Harrington is still not cleared. Until now, the only thing known to the fans is that Kit will be seen in a movie produced by Kevin Fiege, the producer and controller of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Harington is most certainly going to be a prominent part of a superhero Marvel film. Kit Harrington has previously given his voice in the dubbing of the film ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ but apart from that, had not done any role of this sort before becoming a sensation with his role in the fantasy drama Game Of Thrones.

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Officially, there has been no announcement from Marvel Cinematic Universe regarding the movie for which he has been signed. But it is known to the fans that Marvel has recently declared its four upcoming films which include the likes of “Doctor Strange” and “Thor” among others. So, there are very high chances that we get to see Kit Harrington in an established, high-profile movie of the Marvel Universe soon. Well, what happens really, only time will tell, but the excitement among Harrington’s fans is tremendous.

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