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Girl in Kenya KILLED HERSELF after being shamed & bullied for Menstruation


A gruesome high school teacher in Kenya yelled out dirty to her student who was on her period and was bleeding over her school uniform. But the sad part is, the young 14-year-old committed suicide as the reason for humiliation and period-shame.

The girl suffered from menstrual bleeding for the first time in the hours of school in Bomet County, somewhere 150 miles away in the northwest from Nairobi, the country’s capital. She was unknown about the fact and didn’t have any safety pad to prevent bleeding that resulted in the bleeding to happen across her uniform.

Beatrice Koech, the mother of the deceased girl, told the local news media that her teacher abused her and threw her out of the class before calling ‘dirty’ for bleeding in her school uniform. She was made to stand out of the class without help during such a nasty phase. Mother also mentioned that there wasn’t anything to use as a pad and even school didn’t help with one.

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The Kenya Education act of 2017 strictly mandates every educational institution to provide the girl student with a pad, but some have been disobeying the law, including this one. After school, the girl went home and expressed everything to her mother, and later the worst of everything happened. She took her life.Police refused to file complaint of Gang Rape victim after husband sold her to settle gambling debt

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After the incident, the mothers of various girls studying in that school protested upon learning that police had been staying numb on this case and demanded that the teacher should be under the hand of authorities. The protest grew so much intense, that police had to fire tear gas towards the protesters, and five of them were even arrested.

Later on, Thursday, police officials involved in the investigation of the case.

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