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Health Food Icon BoB Moore fails to recognize the renowned singer Katy Perry!


Katy Perry and fiance Orlando Blooms snapped up shares in Bragg Dwell Meals; the well-known apple cider vinegar producer is currently doing a deep drive in the health-food world. In disguise, they attended an organic-products trade show, where “Grain God” Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill failed to acknowledge and recognize her.

According to reports the “Never Really Over” singer was at the Pure Merchandise Expo East In Baltimore, where she stood in a long queue with other people to meet the 90-year old BoB Moore and have him autograph a book for her. But to Katy’s dismay, he failed to recognize her. An eyewitness gave a detailed account of the incident. He said:” I overheard Bob, who is a total icon in the in the health food space- He said ‘Who are you’ to which Katy responded ‘I am Katy’.”

The eyewitness, further added that he even asked her about her profession:” And he said ‘What do you do? To which Katy replied ‘I am a musician'”. He even gave her blessings by saying ‘Well, good luck to you’ and after that, she left. According to the eyewitness, the entire situation was quite ‘Hilarious.’

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Well, BoB’s representatives did not comment on this unanticipated incident, but reporters were told that he is an earnest music lover, and has two pianos with him. One is staged in Bob’s Red Mill headquarter at Oregon which he plays daily, and the other is at his home.

Perry and Fiance Orlando Bloom bought Bragg in June along with three others. Perry Knew Patricia Bragg, who has been the CEO of the company for 65 years, for a long time. Apple Cider Vinegar helps control blood sugar levels and weight obesity. Katy added:” It’s been a staple since my childhood …. and continues to be a wellness remedy in my professional vocal career.” Bloom has acknowledged the fact that this brand has also mended their ways and brought them together.

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