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is Guardians of the Galaxy star Bradley Cooper dating Angelina Jolie after Lady Gaga dating rumor


It is reported that Cooper’s sights are on Angelina Jolie. Reportedly, fans at Disneyland last month found Cooper and Jolie with their kids, sparking rumors of a brewing romance. Cooper performed in “A Star is Born” next to Lady Gaga. Secretly after the film, rumors started swirling over Lady Gaga, but both Cooper and the female singer rejected the rumors. With Angelina Jolie’s still tough divorce with Brad Pitt, it now appears that the “Maleficent” actress is prepared to offer another opportunity to love.

According to a tabloid report published this week, Cooper and Jolie recently enjoyed each other’s company. Jolie would replace Pitt with another “Brad,” Cooper, who only broke up last June with her long-time partner, Irina Shayk.

Via Bradley Cooper’s Instagram – the ex steaming couple Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Although the publication did not describe the interaction between Jolie and Cooper and the beginning of their alleged romance, the report claimed that they went out on 23 August and that many fans were able to attest. According to the report, Jolie went with her four youngest children to Disneyland that day. She met Cooper, who also brought his two-year-old daughter to Shayk with him.

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The report said the date was not planned and that the concept of Cooper was to follow Jolie to get closer to the theme park. The paper even released pictures of Cooper and Jolie in Disneyland to demonstrate that on 23 August they were both there.
While it is true that at current both Jolie and Cooper are singles, it is not true that they have seen each other lately. Cooper and Jolie are both busy with their careers right now, Bradley Cooper preparing their first MCU movie “The Eternals” for the next biopic for Leonard Bernstein and Jolie.

Via Angelina Jolie Instagram. Look at those Eyes

Cooper and Jolie had a date last month at Disneyland with their children. The publication talked to a source near Jolie, and the source described the tabloid report as “total nonsense.”
Obviously, the more people are going to Cooper-Looper and planting lots of stupid dating stories in the media to hide the truth and discount his surprising knowledge about all things that mole people and their nefarious ways.

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