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A Little “Wardrobe Malfunction” Made “Gigi Hadid” To Walk “Barefoot” In A Fashion Show!!!


Gigi Hadid proves that when you are confident, even a malfunction is a fashion statement!

Gigi Hadid walked the runway for Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2020 collection last week, and she turned all heads for walking barefoot on the ramp. The supermodel surprised everyone when she entered the runway barefoot.

While everyone hugely appreciated this, turns out she was not making a fashion statement, but in fact managing a wardrobe malfunction. It wasn’t planned, but Gigi’s quick thinking and confidence took the cake, making it look like an expected part of the show.

During the first round, Gigi Hadid was wearing high heels and socks, but it turns out right before the second round, one of her heels broke.

The show’s stylist Katie Grand revealed on her Instagram that Gigi walked the ramp barefoot because her heel broke. Instead of slipping into a new pair of shoes, she decided to go barefoot.

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Grand posted a video on Instagram and revealed in the caption that in the first passage of the show, Gigi was wearing thigh-high silver socks and white leather mules, but during the first opening ‘finale’ Gigi’s heel broke.

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Since the stylists were at the other end, there was not much that they could do. And so, Gigi decided to boss up and turn the wardrobe malfunction into a fashion statement. Katie Grand wrote in her caption, “Now there is a little story to go with this clip, in the first opening ‘finale’ of Marc’s show Gigi’s heel broke – ..”

Funnily, this is not the first time Gigi faced such a situation on a runway. In 2017, during Anna Sui’s show too, Gigi had lost a shoe, but she had her little sister Bella Hadid to help her then.

This incident clearly proves that no matter what the situation is, with quick thinking and confidence, you can own any case.

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