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Kanye West gets appreciation from Brad Pitt on his Sunday Service, who says it to be very special.


Recently “Gold Digger” singer Kanye West received appreciation by “Troy” actor Brad Pitt who reviewed his Sunday service by attending it personally. Brad told a popular news channel that Kanye has been doing some great stuff at the service and that he, with his full support, would promote him. He added that it is the pure celebration of an entity called Life, and it is very delightful to him.

On September 1st “Ad Astra” star was seen congratulating West on his success and having a talk with him which he did with a pat at his back.
Not only them many stars were present including the members of the Kardashian and Jenner family including Kim, Kourtney, and Kendall who graced the event by their presence.
A few days back it was Kendell who revealed in a popular TV show” The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that Pitt had been attending the Sunday Service a couple of times, but it was her who always avoided him as she was a massive fan of the “Fury” star. She continued to say an idiom that means that never meet your superhero and she completed it abruptly by saying that He is possibly the biggest fan the star could ever have. She avoided prior meetings with Brad because she gets very nervous when she comes in direct talk with her Man Crush as he loves him so much.

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In the event, West and his band of musicians played a series of soulful music and gospel-like rendition of the singer’s songs and other contemporary music in the Sunday Service on January 2019.

Thus this was surely a piece of news that might enlighten the minds of both the fans of Pitt and West where one artist is being seen appreciating the efforts and culmination of the art of another. That is what makes Artists around the world stay together. Don’t you agree on the same??

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