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Kim Kardashian might be suffering from serious illness, revealed after Severe Joint Pain


This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has left the biggest concern over the admirers of Kim Kardashian West after the episode revealed the 38-year-old popular actress and model’s mystery illness.

The 38-year-old businesswomen have been recently suffered from severe joint pain, and she had done her blood test regarding that. The blood test brought the results of positive for lupus antibodies. So, to determine whether she had lupus or not, she called her doctor to have an ultrasound done. The ultrasound was done on her hands, and the results were quite unexpected. Kim Kardashian West is NOT suffering from lupus as ultrasound didn’t reveal that. Rather, Kim has been suffering from another disease which had been mystery all along. She is reportedly suffering from psoriatic arthritis as a result of her psoriasis.


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Kim was finally relieved as she was just suffering from psoriatic arthritis. The doctor mentioned that if Kim had lupus, they would precisely identify during their check-up. The doctor further added that her frequent joint pain might be due to psoriatic arthritis as he mentioned psoriasis comes and goes. Kim, after the potential relieving news, went on to say that she could manage such joint pains easily as nothing is going to stop her.

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During the interviews, Kim told that she is controlling the joint pains with medication and thinks that everything is alright. But having to wait and hear the results made her horrifying and disturbing as she didn’t have any idea what was going on.

She once went into depression for little time thinking what would happen and how would she going to do, but now the wife of popular rapper, Kanye West looks much confident and reassured.

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