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Man Accidentally CHOPS HIS HEAD OFF while showing swordmanship skills


A man accidentally killed himself in the city of Nalanda in India during the parade while celebrating the first month of Islamic Calendar, Muharram. The man was displaying the act of swordsmanship, in which he tortures himself on his naked body by blades knives or swords.

The 60-year-old Mohammad Sayum was on parade showing off his sword skills through a ceremony but unfortunately one of his blades reached his neck, cutting the neck and killed him on the spot. He was rushed immediately towards the hospital, but he lost his breath already.

The Muslim people of the Nalanda City in India drew the parade throughout the city in honor of Islamic Calendar’s first month of the year, Muharram. There was chaos increasing in the parade, the very moment after the incident happened. Mohamed Sayum’s son, Mohammed Feroz, was present on the scene watching his father choke to death.

The police commenced their investigation on the incident, and doctors claimed that the death was due to heavy blood loss. The body will be sent for the post-mortem before officially handing to his family. The family and his fellow friends are in deep shock and are saddened due to the unexpected death.

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The act of self-flagellation is quite popular among the Muslim during the celebration of Muharram. Muharram is celebrated to mourn the death of death of the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, Imam Husayn Ali. Every year there are a frequent incident during the Muharram events all around the world. Earlier this week, the stampede pulled the death of 31 people and injured nearly a hundred people in Karbala, Iraq.

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