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The women in Kevin Hart’s sex tape has come out of her shell; Montia Sabbag is all set to sue Kevin Hart and his mate Jonathan via $60 Million lawsuit


There’s a lot of controversies surrounding comedian Kevin Hart. Yes, amidst all the drama that went down around his sex tape recently now a woman is adding more to it.

Well, the women in the sex tape with Kevin Hart has finally decided to come forward. But she is all in with a legal lawsuit to sue the famous comedian. The woman has filed a $60 million suit against Kevin Hart claiming that he conspired to film the encounter secretly with his friend.

A woman named Montia Sabbag has accused Kevin Hart and his mate Jonathan Todd Jackson of filming the whole sexual act that went down in a Los Vegas Hotel room. Further adding she says its a night’s story from back in the September of 2017. And she is in denial of having any knowledge about the camera rolling on them.

According to Sabbag’s statement that it was Kevin and Jonathan, who conspired for it together. The two friends hid a camera in the hotel room before Sabbag’s arrival. She also added that the comedian intended to extract publicity from the whole thing. He did so purposely before his upcoming comedy tour.

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Hence, Sabbag is all set to sue Hart for negligence, hampering of personal space, and the emotional distress arising out of the whole situation. Moreover, she is also accusing Hart of letting Jonathan into his hotel room to set the recording device in an unseen place to do the filming.

Jonathan who is facing charges for extorting money out of Hart’s pocket to keep the tape safe. However, Jonathan is in denial of all these accusations. Similarly, Hart is in denial of knowing anything about the recording device being set up in the room that night and sticking to his previous claims of being the victim in the whole incident and being blackmailed by his friend Jonathan.

The news is undoubtedly a major shocker. We did not expect Kevin Hart, who has contributed to people’s laughter to go through something like this. But we do hope that justice makes its way and the authorities uncover the truth in time. For more such crispy headlines and shockers, stay tuned to Union Journalism.

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