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Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s might just turn up as Marvel’s She-Hulk; Actress confessed that she is eager to play the role


Marvel Cinematic Universe is opening its gates for the She-Hulk. The character is set to enter the universe of superheroes in the upcoming time. And from what we have been hearing, it’s a fan-favorite name that has been popping up for the role.

In one of her latest interviews, Stephanie Beatriz who starred in Brooklyn Nine-Nine while addressed her fans claims. Yes, the actress went ahead to share her excitement for being considered worthy enough to play Jennifer Hulk in upcoming She-Hulk series by her fan squad.

Stephanie was highly appreciative of the fans expecting to see her in the role. She even told that she would also die to plat the role and that She-Hulk was one of the fantastic characters from the superhero world.

It is not the first time that Stephanie has come forward about her inclination towards the comic world. Back in 2017, Stephanie did cosplay as America Chavez, younger of the Avengers. The fans have been supporting Stephanie and casting her into the role.

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Nevertheless, even we think that it would be a great idea to have her play the lawyer. Yes, a lawyer who turns into a green savior by night. Even the actress went on to add that fans considerations have already begun to affect her life. Furthermore, she told about how she has been upping her workouts since.

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Well, as of now She-Hulk itself neither has a date of release or a production team. Yet the rumors are that it is ready to be a part of Disney+ original series that will be set in the MCU. Also, it will have Loki, WandaVision, Hawkeye, The Falcon, Ms, Marvel, and more.

Disney Executive Agnes Chu said that Kevin Feige was the man behind each of series of the Marvel Studios on Disney+ platform. And he is going to get on board a team of selective and fresh storytellers, producers, scriptwriters and directors for all the upcoming series. He also said that it was their way of inviting in new talent and push forward the existing phenomenal storytelling.

Well, are you excited about the news? So, stay tuned because there is more stuff waiting right here for you on Union Journalism.

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