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Halloween arrives on Netflix this 2019; Netflix to roll out horror movies and shows to better the celebrations this Halloween season.


Well, this year’s Halloween is going to be spookier than ever. Although the celebrations for the day may limit to one single night of chocolate distribution and horror masks carved out of pumpkins. But Netflix has lately pledged to keep the horror spirit of the day alive for long. This year Netflix is counting down for Halloween, and the list is going viral by the title ‘Netflix and Chills.’ Well, this is going to be a creepy delight for the Netflix lovers this Halloween season.

All in all, this year, Netflix is set to drop some horror bombshells that will make you pee your pants. These bombshells will scare you off in the form of Netflix series or movies from the genre of horror. Yes, this holiday season is Netflix special, that you just don’t want to miss out on.

Considering the same, Netflix has created a cute little schedule, so you just don’t regret missing out on any of their Halloween releases. Well, this schedule is a rich cocktail of TV shows and movies, but, we are well aware that movies have made the cut for this season. So, we have selected a few of the best releases that will roll down to celebrate this spooky season.

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So, the first up in line is ‘In the Shadow of the Moon.’ Well, this piece will recount the occurrences in Philadelphia back in 1988. The protagonist, who is an aspiring detective called Thomas Lockhart, will try to track down a serial killer. A killer whose crimes will defy the laws of nature and drive Lockhart insane. This is all set to drop down on the 27th of September, only on Netflix.

Next in line is ‘Eli’ which already holds a preimage of children scream teaser. Well, its a narrative revolving around a sick 11-year-old who arrives at a clinic in insolation for an experimental treatment. It sounds like it will be the definition of this spooky season and it releases on October 11.

Just another fit for the theme is ‘In the Tall Grass’ by Stephen King. Two siblings who hear a little boy in a grass field arrive for his help but aren’t successful in saving him. Eventually, the incident leaves them sucking in the grass too. The grass that’s capable of disorienting people. Well, this has the sound of a lot of horror in it. So do not forget to watch it on October 4th on Netflix.

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