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YouTube introduces a new set of rules for earning its verification badges; Looks like things are going to go tougher for a lot of YouTubers


YouTube is going to give a heavy blow to its creators this year. Yes, the strong blow is ready to arrive in the form of stricter verification ritual. And this might just level up the strife for the YouTubers to earn a verification badge across their name.

Previously, YouTube had awarded verification to the creators who amass an audience of 100000 as subscribers on their channels. But now YouTube’s emphasis has shifted to verifying channels that clearly need a stamp of authenticity on them. This stamp is sure to include traditional YouTubers, musicians, comics and artists of other sorts.

As we all know, already verification badge is a priority for every creator on the platform. It undoubtedly impacts a creators rank on the recommendation list that pops up every time a user searches for something. YouTube has given confirmation on the removal of badges of the YouTubers who fail to meet the new heightened criteria. However, the right to make an appeal against the move does remain with the creator until October end. Nevertheless, the final decision is in the hands of YouTube officials itself.

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Moreover, the verification badge speaks volumes about a YouTubers status on the platform. It is a sign of being one of the most influential comrades of the platform. Hence, a loss of this magnitude will surely hit the creators of the platforms pretty hard amidst people already raising concern on how YouTube treats its community.

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The verification looks closely whether or not a YouTuber or his channel is notable enough both inside and outside the platform before awarding it the verification badge.

Although YouTube’s rules were pretty simple, one had to own up to his or her channel for being the one involved in all of the content published.

Well, we do think the latest move is YouTube’s new plan to slacken its recommendations and search outputs. Yes, an arena that YouTube has been facing a lot of criticism around. Company’s authorities have clearly stated that they want to work towards bettering their recommendations on a few topics. And this new change in YouTube’s policies is quite evident about it.

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