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A 17-year-old victim of the Jeffrey Epstein sex traffic has confessed to having forced to do the act with Prince Andrew


The alleged victim of billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein case, has raised her fingers on a royal who is none other than Prince Andrew. The 17-year-old victim claims having been abused at the royal’s hand and forced to perform the sexual act at the tender age.

Virginia Giuffre is one among 16 women who are accusing Epstein of running a pedophile racket. She opened up in an interview about the tormented period of her life. The tainted financier had forced her to have sex with multiple men, and Prince Andrew was one of them she says.

Giuffre told she was quite young when she first came to London. It was Ghislaine who woke her up in the early hours and lured her to meet a prince that day. However, little did the young Ms. Giuffre know that she would be a mere piece of offering to the prince. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s partner in crime, faces accusations of being the trusted accomplice in the pedophile sex trafficking racket.

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She earlier broke into tears referring to the time when she was recruited to the infamous sex racket. She was just 15 working in the locker room, at Mar-a-Lago. Virginia was turned to sexual activity for money. Further, she also went on to say that she was just blooming into 17 when Prince Andrew abused her.

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Describing that awful night, she says Prince Andrew visited her house in London. Then they together headed to club tramp where Prince Andrew got her to drink alcohol; she implies it definitely must have been Vodka shots in the VIP lounge of the club. They danced together afterward and parted ways she says. While coming back with Ghislaine and Jeffrey, she told Virginia that Prince Andrew would be coming back to her home. Further, she asked then teen to do things that she does for Epstein. She said that all of it was really nightmarish to hear.

Prince Andrew, as expected, has denied all allegations put on him. In his statement that was issued to press last month, he went on to say that at no point in his brief time spent with Epstein, he suspected any signs of wrongdoing. He was also seen empathizing for all the victims.

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