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Beyonce surprises fans with a string of poctures she saved from last Halloween; She channelled Lisa Bonet with that look


Forth Yandy dropped the ‘Sexy Mr.Roger’ theme on Halloween, and it is our queen who has dropped in bombshells for her fan squad. Yes, the temperature’s rising as our queen Beyoncé steps in to level the Halloween game up. This Halloween she is guiding us all how to channel our idols for the Halloween evening.

This Friday kick-started with ‘Drunk On Love’ singer posting a string of pictures from her Halloween back in 2018. Her pictures worth a thousand words, and it’s clearly from one queen to another. In the pictures that have surfaced, Beyoncé has pulled up her Lisa Bonet out. Last Halloween, Bey dawned a grey top hat, classic Lisa oval-shaped glasses, and black waist-length curls. Moreover, it is Sir Carter and Rumi who sit right on each of her sides in the images.

However, we cannot point out as to why this diva did not share all of these pictures from last year back then. But we don’t mind until we get something as such. Beyoncé’s fans were obviously head over heels at the sight of their queen killing it as another.

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So that you know it is nothing new that Bey has done. Previously, she had also reminded us of these iconic black women such as Toni Braxton and Olympian FloJo through her dress up. And we have to say she completely nails at it.

Nevertheless, she further went on to share with us another string of shots from her 37th birthday. And she looked absolutely royal in all of them too. However, it was only last month that the singer turned 38, but we were only given a glimpse from her 37th Bday.

Alongside all of these phenomenal pictures she posted, there was a heartfelt handcrafted note. A note where she tried to pen down all her thanks to her fans and the Almighty. She thanked both for sticking by her side through all her ups and downs.
Adding further, she also apologized for being late on replying back to all her birthday blessings. In addition to this, she started her work commitments as a reason for it.

We do know now that Bey not only just excites the dress-up arena but is also a complete charmer when it comes to making up for her fans.
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