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Brother DRUGGED & RAPED 14-year-old sister & their own parents did Nothing


An Australian woman recently opened about the sexual abuse that happened to her when she was just 14-year-old. The distressing part here is, her father and step-mother instead of supporting her, were by the side of her rapist half-brother during the court trial.

The woman (name not disclosed) was just 14 years old when her half-brother invited to the birthday party, drugged her and then raped her back in 2005. When the woman(then- 14-year-old) entered her half-brother’s house, there was no party but was a housemate. The to-be rapist initially drugged her with marijuana and then made her drink alcohol.

The 14-year-old immediately lost conscious due to possible over-consumption. The half-brother then raped her not once but twice, when she was unconscious. Some hours later, when she woke up, she found herself miserable. She was naked below, from her t-shirt, and also she felt severe pain in her vagina and parts of the abdomen.

According to her, the sexual predator was masturbating beside her while she gains consciousness. He sent her with a pill and £16 in the morning. She didn’t report this horrible crime after the incident. It took her nearly two years to finally gather some guts to expose abhorrent abuser.Police refused to file complaint of Gang Rape victim after husband sold her to settle gambling debt

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The rapist and half-brother had called his older sister that he is frightened that the 14-year-old could be pregnant. He told that the act was performed upon the request of the 14-year-old. He made up that the 14-year-old actually asked him to teach her how to have sex.

But when the case moved to the court, the parents, Dad, and Step-Mum of compelled and enforced the 14-year-old to withdraw the case and allegations made on their son. But the 14-year-old made them agitated after the judge sentenced the rapist an eight-year term in jail.

The rapist was convicted for four other allegations but was not found guilty. The rapist is now the father of six children.


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