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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry set to take son Archie for their upcoming trip to Africa; Looks like there’s some damage control happening


Newest Royal mother, Meghan Markle alongside Prince Harry is ready to make her mark in Africa as part of their forthcoming official trip. This Monday is the kicker for this upcoming trip. Moreover, Prince Archie will also check-in for the journey. Predictions are that this is to be a part of their cope up plan from the mess they have been incurring recently.

British Experts have voiced their word saying that it will be a fair chance for the Meghan and Harry to steal the shine once again. Yes, this is the perfect time for the couple to do things for the causes they believe in. Moreover, the couple is also ready to present their month’s old son, Archie to the world. It will be the first time for this newest addition to go for a public outing so far.

A Royal expert also went on to say that this will be a tailor-made opportunity for the Sussexes to overshadow their private jet controversy. Also, the royal family will fly in a commercial setting this time with their son, Archie. Well, the royals are expected to make a lot of success out of this visit like the others in New Zealand, Australia, etc. before the duchess got pregnant.

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Their last visit has been hugely successful that even the Queen has had congratulated them. So, now it’ll be great to see what the outcomes of this African visit will be. Well, the Duchess was recently did encounter some bad publicity.
Meghan did get the accusations of rebuffing the Queen as she decided on not meeting her at Balmoral while flying in for U.S. Opens.

Furthermore, the couple has also packed in a new PR firm to do some serious clean up for them. And this tour lands in their laps just at the right time.
With the royal born in their laps, this tour could be a sure game changer for the royal couple. Since the people are more than excited to catch a sight of the newest royal member, bringing in Archie will work in their favor. Traditionally to a crawling Prince William had made serious headlines for Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Hence, predictions are that this royal born can just turn things around for his parents.

Well, it will be great to see how the newest member of the royal family turns the tide for this couple.
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