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Miley and Kaitlynn rule the headlines forth their split; The ex flames however continue to be friends


Miley Cyrus is making the headlines for another breakup this year. Yes, after an excellent one-month relationship with Kaitlyn Carter the couple has called it quits. Well, the two ladies held each other’s side fourth, breaking up with their respective partners. But this duo has shocked us all as they decide to split their ways.

It wasn’t much time after Miley’s split with Liam that she was shot vacationing with Kaitlyn in Italy. Although there was a significant denial from both of their sides that did not last long. In the shots that went viral, the two were seen giving us a string of substantial PDAs.

Yet indeed after Liam put up his papers for divorce, the intensity of Miley’s chemistry with Kaitlyn did hype up. Since then, Kaitlyn became Miley’s constant through all her appearances. I hope the MTV backstage drama was quite full of it. The two were even together at the New York Fashion Week.

And as Kaitlynn hit 31st, the duo called for a celebration at an expensive restaurant. The main attraction here being the Malibu scenes from their restaurant, which was all the more romantic gesture from the ‘Slide Away’ hitmaker. Even until the past week, there were rumors of the two sharing a home together. However, now as we hear from the sources, the couple has decided to part ways. Well, the friendship between the two is still alive.

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According to an insider, the two have been through tough times together and still remain friends. Nevertheless, our ladies are no more an item or so to say they are not romantically into each other anymore.

At the time, both were going through the break-up phase in their respective lives. Kaitlyn had freshly broken up with Brody Jenner whereas Miley was managing to slide away from her marriage. Hence, given the time they were going through things surely heated up a little.

Well, we are glad that there’s no catfight and the two have lately agreed to be friends still. And we do understand that sometimes it’s best to be by yourself after a major split.
Hope the two heal soon enough and have good times in their life again.

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