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Mother Killed Her 22-month Son and Mockingly Filmed The Dead Boy


A 22-month toddler was killed by her mother last year, and recently the New Jersey court found that the mother who executed her son purportedly filmed the injured baby when he was in his last breath.

The 22-month-old baby, Jah’vi Brown was last seen alive on August 23. Still, the prosecutors are unknown how the young lad died. The authorities arrested and charged the mother based on the message sent by her to one of her friend that mentioned about beating the baby, the day before the boy was termed dead.

The 24-year-old mother Tynaizha Brown is still in custody awaiting her trial for murder. After the prosecutors are handed with mocking video, Judge Edward J. McBride Jr. on Thursday, ruled that she will continue to serve in the jail for the aggravated assault and child endangerment.

Tynaizha Brown During Trial

The video that was shot by Tynaizha voice-overs, I can’t stand him. Tynaizha reportedly filmed one or multiple videos in which the toddler was immobile, distressed with pain but the mother was repeatedly mocking at the condition of the young boy. All the videos were shot at her house in Bellmawr.

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The medicals which were investigating the dead body of the young boy just fount the newly fractured rib, not the actual reason for death. Mother probably wrapped the dead body of the boy in Walmart bags and threw away as the authorities found the remains of the dead boy in an alley in Camden.

Jah’vi Brown’s father reported the missing file back in December, and the baby wasn’t identified till January. They were battling each other for the young boy’s custody. Meanwhile, the disgusting Facebook messages by Tynaizha that reads that she wanted to knock her son’s ugly ass out and slap the skin off his a*s.

The mother had reportedly beaten her other children. Out of three, Jah’vi Brown couldn’t bear torture and lost breath.

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