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There’s a Jennifer Hurricane in Alex Rodriguez’s Comment Section; Alex Rodriguez’s recently posted smoking picture of fiancé Jennifer Lopez


How cute can he get? From super expensive birthday gifts to uploading their partner’s photo, Alex Rodriguez is redefining fiancé goals. Just when the world was cooling down forth Jennifer Lopez set it on fire with her green Versace dress, Alex posted her fiancé’s mirror selfie. And this ignited a chain reaction of appreciations in the comment section below. Well, we don’t blame the fans for Jennifer looks nowhere less than a Greek Goddess in the pictures.

‘I Ain’t Your Mamma’ hitmaker wore a redefined version of her 2000 Grammy’s green piece as she attended the Versace Show in Milan. The click that’s driving people mad is Lopez’s selfie in the dress accompanied by an effect that makes it look as if the mirror’s steamed up. Refusing to stop at that, Alex also put a cute caption below it with a green leaf referencing her dress.

Fans kept drooling over the image. And in no time the Instagram likes reached the mark of 248,000. Comments were calling Alex the luckiest man on Earth. And then there were few others appreciating Lopez’s catwalk. Lopez wore this dress with a jungle print to mark the occasion of Donatella Versace’s 20th Anniversary.

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The singer herself posted a clip of her ramp walk in the green dress looking drop-dead gorgeous. Moreover, the video accumulated more than 13.29 million views as soon as it was uploaded. Well, we are sure the new suit has surpassed the commotion the old version of it created. In addition to this, Google also confessed creating Google Images of the dress due to the count of people searching for it forth 2000 Grammy.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez recently got engaged in March after dating for two years. Also, Lopez, in a statement, said that her son, Max will walk her down the aisle for her D-Day. However, the two have still not finalized anything for their weddings as of yet.

We wish the couple the best of everything in life. And hope to see them grow old together. And we hope to soon write about their dream wedding.
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