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Mike Johnson who was reported seeing Demi Lovato is spotted chilling with another ex Bachelor in Paradise Tayshia Adams


If you think you saw all the possible drama in the show Bachelor in Paradise, then you might need to reanalyze things. Yes, because we have just got you some food for thought. Only when everything looked pretty good for our two ex Bachelors in Paradise, things turned down. Just when Mike Johnson, an ex bachelor contestant, and pop star Demi Lovato were getting to know each other, we spotted him with another lady.

Wondering who that other girl is? Well, we have got you covered because it is none other than another Bachelor in Paradise contestant, Tayshia Adams. Not single anymore, Tayshia is reported to be having her long-distance paradise with John Paul Jones. Until recently when we caught these two former Bachelor contestants getting little too comfy at iHeartMusic Festival in L.A.

Nevertheless, the ex Bachelors were at the event with the whole bunch of their BiP group. Yes, we also spotted Ben Higgins and his love Jessica Clarke too at the concert. However, we could not locate Mike and Tayshia’s respective partners, Demi Lovato and John Paul Jones. We do agree that it’s not a thing for two friends to dance and embrace each other. But with someone like Tayshia who had accusations of having a fake relationship with John, who she ditched back in the BiP we can’t help ourselves.

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Well, Mike has been confessing that Demi is the only lady in her life right now. Adding that ‘Let It Go’ hitmaker is the single girl he is getting to know at the moment. However, he doesn’t want to have any sort of pressure on him or her currently. Adding further, he did express how he felt he should have been the Bachelor in place of Pilot Pete. And how much he wanted to hold the title but maybe later Mike.

However, with all of this going on right now we can’t help but think if Mike’s that much into Demi? Or Are John Paul Jones and Tayshia really in love?
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