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Advertising Auditors are on the watch and have banned two beauty enterprises selling products claiming to lend you Kylie Looks via Instagram ads


The Nowadays, surgical procedures are a trend as more and more people want to get the celebrity look at the cost that they have to pay later. Amidst all of this, the officials recently barred such ads by two beauty houses from popping up on Instagram. It was done to keep such schemers in check. Yes, the ones who false allege to lend their clients the Kylie Billionaire Jenner looks via artificial procedures.

The two beauty hubs going by the name, AKJ Aesthetics and Queen of Aesthetics tried to portray the pictures of the youngest billionaire Jenner in their ads to market their schemes. Keeping Up with the Kardashian star who flaunts a huge online base of 150 million fans has schemed into these ads. The use of star images for the promotion of their cosmetic procedures of filler lines titled as ‘Kylie Jenner packages.’

The Advertising Standards Authority did reveal that the ads made around Kylie were misleading people into believing their false claims. Yes, claims that guaranteed the customer’s lips, cheeks, and jawlines that might just make them the next Kylie look-alike. Moreover, the two beauty giants claimed to have used Kylie’s images due to the massive popularity of the Beauty tycoon.

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Also, these houses claimed Kardashian clans to be owning these facial enhancements with the degree of fillers mentioned in their ads. AKJ even went on to offer ‘Kylie Package’ at a really competitive price which knocked out the ASA’s rules.

ASA claimed that the ads were deceiving. And were deluding the customers into believing that the company’s products would wake them up as Kylie Jenner. And the customers might just take the products thinking that the exact same look was achievable through these aesthetic procedures. Reasoning the move further, ASA said that using a person’s image with an ad made them hope to see the person using the products which weren’t the case here. Using celebrity face with the products they haven’t used, ASA went on to ban the ads by the two companies.

Going ahead from there, ASA also red-flagged another such ad on Instagram. The ad was by Beauty Boutiques featuring Kim Kardashian West to market their Botox procedures.

Well, we are highly appreciative of the move of the Advertising hawks. Beware, fake advertisers because the hawks are watching every move of yours. Moreover, this also creates a sense of security in the customer’s minds.

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