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Google’s Muse for the creation of its Images tab is out now; Read to know how did JLO inspire the creativity


Google Images is the heart of the Google Search box. But just in case it ever helps cross your mind which led to this creation, then we’ve got the answer for you. Well, who else than our super talented 50-year-old superstar Jennifer Lopez. And there’s a very interesting story behind how JLO became the muse for the Google creators when she donned the iconic 2000 Grammy Versace dress.

Jlo wore the Green Versace dress first back in the Grammy night of 2000. And the clothing became an instant sensation on Google search. Yes, the world was drooling over the dress. And every other user wanted to have an image of the green Jungle print dress of JLO back in the time. The dress which was a piece of creation by Donatella Versace became an instant hit over the night. And also begged the title of Google’s most searched query during the time.

However, back in 2000, Google search was only limited to lengthy texts of information and did not view images. There was no convenience of viewing the images of your favorite dress back then. But that did not stop Google from getting the query of the dress which eventually led to the creation of Google images. Yes, it was then that Google realized that text was just not enough, instead people wanted to see what they wanted. And during that time it was JLO’s Green Versace straight-out-of-the-jungle dress.

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So that’s how a simple search in thousands led to this added feature of today, that is Google Images. Even former Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt too has credited the dress previously for the same. Hence, forth two decades of this occurrence, Google marked the day by teaming up with the designer at the Milan Fashion Week Event. And at the event, we saw a much better and renewed version of the green jungle dress. Well, the dress was once again set ablaze when Jennifer wore it forth the revamp.

Even the Runway had a little Google artwork going on it. Also, the assistant from Google was there in attendance.

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