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22-year-old lip kit King Kylie Jenner is reportedly under a flu’s attack and has even been taken to the medical care for her treatment


It’s been quite hard for the Kardashians lately. After Kim’s psoriasis shocked the world, it is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Yes, Beauty tycoon, Kylie Jenner is currently struggling through some flu-like symptoms forth undergoing a prolonged illness. An illness that’s been there for quite a few days now.

Kylie’s illness has been described as taking a turn towards severity. And the battle with the disease now took the Keeping with the Kardashian star to the hospital ongoing week. However, Kylie herself confirmed the news on her Twitter account this Wednesday. She admitted to being under attack of the sickness that’s hindered her traveling plans.

Well, the 22-year-old Lip Queen had plans to pay a visit to the Fashion Week in Paris for Balmain’s show. She was even looking forward to debuting their collab during the time. Hence, apologizing for not being there due to her sickness, Kylie felt heartbroken. And went on to add that her mates attending the show would help her be in attendance in spirit.

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Although the details about Kylie’s health are not out right now, but as per the reports that surfaced King Kylie was taken into medical care in Los Angeles due to a few symptoms. Her symptoms resembled the flu. As of now, the youngest Billionaire Jenner is being treated with a top-grade approach. However, her prognosis remains unclear.

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Moreover, Kylie was also supposed to share the Emmys 2019 Stage alongside sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. But all of that had to be canceled last minute for she was too sick to make her attendance at the show. As per sources, Momager, Kris Jenner has flown out of the country and hence is not thereby Kylie’s side. However, Caitlyn Jenner, who is recently budding better with Kylie, is at her arms reach in the hospital.

In these hard times, the whereabouts of Kylie’s 1-year-old daughter Stormi is not known. Also, Baby Daddy, Travis Scott is nowhere to be seen at the time. Nevertheless, Kylie’s been working in spite of her sickness. It was this Tuesday that the Beauty Icon posted on Instagram about her collaboration with Balmain. And this partnership is set to make its way to the fans on 27th September.

We surely know this collab too is going to be a success as ever. Also, we hope Kylie a super-fast recovery. For more updates on this, tune in to Union Journalism.

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