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Kevin Hart’s Extortion charges against Ex- Mate T.J. Jackson have been dropped amidst the lawsuit drama Monica initiated


Comedian Kevin Hart has been stressing a lot about trials for the past month. Jumanji Star is not only coping with the injuries incurred in a car accident but also had his infidelity on the radar with a woman filing a lawsuit against the comic. Well, the news is that Kevin can relax for a bit as the case has been off the records for a while. And Monica Sabbag has it till the end of September to modify the charge. Hence, the fear of a potential lawsuit still hovers over Kevin Hart.

TMZ reports suggest that the comedian’s former mate J.T. Jackson is clear of the extortion charges relating to Hart’s sex tape scandal. Moreover, reports also indicate that the L.A. authorities found the extortion charges failing to stick in court. Yes, that’s so because Jackson never really demanded any fiscal favors from Hart or his representatives. Although Kevin’s ex-mate did seem to have made a few bids on several blogs or websites, direct demand for money was never asked for from Kevin.

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However, Jackson asked for $5 Million on Instagram, blackmailing him into leaking the video. Well, all of this came to surface only after Kevin confirmed the cheating and sex tape news. Nevertheless, Jackson is still facing two charges of using personal information with authorization and making attempts to conceal and sell off stolen property.

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Moreover, Hart did deny having any knowledge about the camera set up in the room. And publicized an open apology for his cheating in 2017. Back in 2018, Jackson was under arrest for trying to extort money out of Kevin by blackmailing him while Monica’s lawsuit that came in a few weeks accuses both Kevin and Jackson of conspiring to record the intimate act.

Currently, Kevin recovering from the car accident. And has gone into rehab for his crucial physical therapy post his accident. Nevertheless, the sword of Monica’s lawsuit is hanging on his head. Adding to it, Kevin’s driver and co-passenger are ready to sue him for the lack of safety measures in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. But Hart also could sue the driver in the case.

We just hope for a comedian’s quick recovery. And for more updates on the case stay tuned to Union Journalism.

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