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Debbie Harry shares details of the time David Bowie stuck his penis out as a ‘Thank You’ to her


Debbie Harry has made some significant revelations that we never saw coming. Yes, this blondie was confessed on being flattered after David Bowie put his penis on a show for her. Well, all this was in exchange for some free drugs that she offered him back in 1977.

In her book, Face It, this frontwoman has mentioned this private incident. Yes, in her book she has penned down this incident where she was on tour alongside Bowie and Iggy Pop. The lady clearly had documented the occurrence when she shared her cocaine stuff with the duo forth the death of their regular dealer.

Further, she alleged Bowie of initiating the move to exposing himself to the blondie. Remembering the incident, she told Bowie got his penis out as if Debbie was a cock inspector. She further described the size of his genital to being notorious. And also confessed how Bowie loved to put it on a show for numerous men and women. She also called the act sexy in itself.

In talks with The Sunday Times, Debbie gave the details of the encounter. And also told that she hoped Bowie’s action to be a symbol of gratitude and nothing more. Moreover, she also went on to say that it could be Bowie’s expression of how thankful he was to her at the time. Debbie also shared her feelings on the incident tagging it to being humorous. However, she told to have not felt it in her hands, but she did admire the whole thing on display.

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Debbie instead added that she had a flattering moment there when the star of the Music World did such an exposure. Debbie also called Bowie a clear and told how she too was one of his fans. Face It that’s up for release by Harper Collins has Debbie recollect the memories of her Blonde Fame. And the book is full of her encounters with big names like the New York Dolls and Phil Spector. The blondie also has incorporated the massacred Ted Bunny who she claims to have tried to kill her once.

Also giving her side of the explanation, she told that although people stated Ted to be away at the time she was kidnapped. And they said her story to be false. But giving it back to the haters, Debbie said she could care less, and she would tell her version no matter what.

Well, the book appears exciting after this incident came to light. And we hope to get many more of such funny events.
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