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J.J Abrams dishes off claims on being hired for The Force Awakens to do the damage control by Rian Johnson


JJ Abrams denies coming back to the Star Wars franchise for the damage repair after The Last Jedi controversy. Forth lending his direction skills to 2015’s movie, The Force Awakens, the director got a replacement. Yes, Abrams indeed was replaced for the film’s follow-up flick by another director named Rian Johnson.

But fans gave a major backlash to Johnson’s narrative picks. Yes, a significant backlash that led to 100,000 people signing a petition to get it done with this flick. And not to make it a part of the hit series of Star Wars. In a sit-down with Empire Magazine, Abram did clarify a few rumors that had been making rounds. The star director shut down the claims of his recruitment for The Rise of Last Skywalker being a part of a strategic fix after Johnson’s creative damage.

Trying to make things clear, Abram said that he never found himself into a place of repairing things. The director went on to say that his take on Last Jedi would have been a different story, just like Johnson’s would have been on the Force Awakens. Adding further, he told that his experience with television made him create stories and characters that were continued afterward by another mind. He also said that one’s will to get away with his creations lending them in safe hands demands to respect the decisions that would not be in accordance with oneself. Also, the director pointed to honor the choices which are being taken by the other person.

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However, back in April Johnson communicated to MTV that we wouldn’t mind Abrams story changes with the Last Jedi. He also highlighted his controversial thought of putting the parents of the trilogy protagonist, Rey on a secondary level, and making them unimportant to the Star Wars mythology.

Johnson also added his desire to get rid off his expectations. And shared his feelings to slide back and be entertained by the film. He expressed how he wanted to get back chills and uncover new surprises from the Star Wars family. Also, he said that he was looking forward to seeing things on screen that he hadn’t hoped for.

Well, we hope Rian likes Abram’s take on the Rise of the Skywalker.
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