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Angelina Jolie is a super proud Mom and is all praises for her son, Maddox’s choices 


Angelina Jolie hit the headline when our Lara Croft gave into tears while leaving her eldest one, Maddox in South Korea. Well, Maddox’s a college freshman and chose Yonsei University in South Korea as his destination for higher studies. And now, this tearing mother is ready to jump into another phase of parenthood.

Currently, the mother of six is on with her Maleficent movie’s part two promotions with co-actors Elle Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer. So, on her recent sit-down alongside the other two leads, Jolie opened up to the interviewer about how she felt the theme of the movie. Yes, the actress went on to say that Maleficient: Mistress of Evil revoked the feelings parents go through when their kids become their own people. And how they choose to move out and how it gets tough for the parents.

The interviewer even connected with Jolie o the same feeling her sentiment as a mother herself.
However, Jolie confessed that she takes a lot of pride in the fact that her eldest son, Maddox, went to Korea. The proud mother couldn’t stop gushing over it. Nevertheless, she did add how it triggers a sense of excitement in her as she too expands her horizons when her kids do. Jolie, even told that she always learns a lot from her kids and is totally in love with the whole new experience she is going through with Maddox.

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The Oscar-winner also did admit how it was a bit different to send off Maddox for her in comparison to the other parents who send their kids off too. The actor reasoned this saying she has six kids who happen to be hitting different ages in their lives. Hence, it is different for every kid of hers. Nevertheless, the interviewer too shared how she went through a cocktail of emotions while sending her two kids off.

According to Maleficent’s antagonist, it is quite enjoyable to see the kids turn into adults. She said she experienced pure joy in seeing all her six kids develop their own personalities.

Well, Jolie is clearly a cool mom, and this is giving us mom goals. We can’t wait to see her in her upcoming Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. For more of inside talks about your favorite celebs, stay tuned to Union Journalism.

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