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Prince Harry is pissed off of Meghan Markle’s ill treatment by a Media House; He lashed out recently taking the matter to the courtroom


Prince Harry is furious over the barbarous treatment he claims that wife Meghan Markle has received from the British tabloids.

In his statement, he stated how British media had adopted Meghan Markle as their new victim waging campaigns against her hampering her mentally and attacking her without contemplating the consequences for once. This attack has been intensifying over the last year. And the worst part of it all is how the tabloids were treating her through her pregnancy. All of which is continuing to escalate while she is raising their new-born son.

He also implied how they were putting on a smile throughout these events hiding all the pain. It has been so terrible that the prince fell short of words to explain the gruesome trauma that they went through. Harry and Meghan have launched a legal battle against the Mail on Sunday.

The legal spokesperson advocating for the Duchess of Sussex had released a statement in which he briefs about the legal battle initiated against the Mail. The legal proceeding did take off against the Mail and its parent company Associated Newspapers. The allegation is on the unlawful usage of the private letters written by Meghan for the publication, which just scratches the surface of the deliberately initiated derogatory campaign against the family.

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He went on to say that Associated Newspapers refused the proposal to resolve the issue off the court. The legal proceedings include charges against the Mail for privacy infringement and usage of private documents for the above stated predefined media agenda.

Harry has been a silent witness to all these, and things have become so bad that he forced him to react. Meanwhile, the media house clearly did show its double standards when it started publishing positive commentary after the legal action. This, however, isn’t any compensation to all the sufferings, Harry added.

Harry still has the haunting memories of his late mother, Princess Diana. He suggested that the fear of how history might be repeating itself. Harry did have a difficult time growing up to his mother on such treatment. It was like an unreal person whose emotions do not matter to the media houses. Seeing his wife falling prey to the same situations must be very difficult for Harry.

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