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“Emma Corrin” Is Looking Just Replica Of “Princess Diana” As She Shoot For “The Crown”!!!


The Crown Season 4 will re-create Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s famous tour of Australia. The royal couple had toured Australia and New Zealand 36 years ago. The trip was a hit amongst the public and had made the couple really popular.

The Netflix series, The Crown, is all set to recreate this tour with actors Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin.┬áThe actors were photographed in Almeria, Spain. They were wearing the exact replicas of the clothes worn by Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their Australia tour.

O’Connor was spotted wearing a khaki suit, and he was sporting the prince’s signature side part. Corrin, on the other hand, was wearing a white dress with three-quarter sleeves and a white purse, and her hair was styled in the famous “Diana Bob.”

Thirty-six years ago, in 1983, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had delighted everyone by touring Australia and New Zealand, along with baby Prince William. They were met with loving onlookers everywhere they went. The Royal Couple indeed was one of the most loved couples ever. The photographs of the Prince and Princess of Wales that bear a resemblance to those of Josh and Emma were taken at Ayers Rock, in March 1983.

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This popularity was courtesy of Princess Diana, who was hugely popular and widely loved by the ‘common folks.’ She was known as the people’s princess. She was kind, stylish, beautiful, she started the trends of sweaters and short haircuts, but most importantly, she was vocal about issues of the public.

Emma Corrin plays Princess Diana in the Netflix series, The Crown. Corrin is a fresh talent, who was offered this part fresh out of drama school. She will be making her debut in The Crown’s fourth season.

In the pictures that have come out over the weekend, Emma Corrin looks like a replica of Princess Diana. With her white dress and classic bob, she is definitely looking the part ideally.

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