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Stormy is in the middle as Father Travis Scott and Mother Kylie Jenner decide to live separetely!!!


The relationship between supermodel Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott was growing uglier, and recently, news came up where the parents have approached it to the court that they will also equally split custody of their baby daughter, Stormi Webster. When Jenner and Scott are taking some time apart, both of them will continue to pay much time to their 1year old daughter individually.

A source told the news channel about the split and said that Travis and Kylie have moved apart and are living in different places, however, the baby will remain with the mother and occasional visits will be given to the baby by her Father. Both of them will co-parent the child, and this was the core reason why they separated because they didn’t want any harm to their daughter. That’s why having arguments and things when they did not get settled finally the couple didn’t think it right to fight in front of their child, and moving out was the option that they chose.

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Another insider told another media channel that the couple isn’t putting a full stop in their relation. They just wanted some time apart fro each other and get to know the misunderstandings well be back with Stormy. They have met each other several ties in this month too.

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Thus it seems like both have their world in baby Stormy and will never leave her whatever be the relation between them. This is looking easy but wouldn’t be so if the parents are not in talking terms. Kylie, who is very skeptical in the relationship, wants to take care of the baby alone, but that isn’t something that Travis wants to do. He wants stormy to stay with her mom but wants to visit her at least once when his heart wants to meet her the most.
It’s really a difficult phase for both Jenner and Scott, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that this fight between them gets over soon just for Baby Stormy, at least.

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