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Todd Philip’s new take on Joker could possibly take a turn for the bad; Will the film retain Rotten Tomatoes ‘Certified Fresh’ rating?


The Crown Prince of Crime is back, and it hit the theatres in Hollywood on 28th September 2019. The film that received whooping appreciations from the critics has led Rotten Tomatoes to announce this flick “Certified Fresh officially.” However, when the website made the statement on Twitter, the film had a 79% rating from about 161 reviews.

Nevertheless, forth the Wednesday announcement, more reviews have been making their way, causing a sharp decline to 73% accrued from 214 reviews. Moreover, as more reports are awaited to come, the question arises if whether or not Joker will lose its game on Rotten Tomatoes’s Tomatometer.

Well, an answer to that takes us to the clarity of the Tomato meter’s ‘Certified Fresh’ rating and how a film could lose it. So, to obtain the rating, a movie has to score a least of 75% or more accruing from the reviews of 80 critics. In addition to this, five of the reviewers have to be from the top critics’ family. Early Wednesday, Joker had been successful in doing just precisely this, but it is failing to maintain the score.

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Yes, usually forth a movie receives the rating, it manages to maintain it; however, that’s not appearing to be in the case Joaquin Phoenix’s movie. As in the ratings have been significantly dropped to our surprise. Currently, Joker has accrued 209 feedbacks. And as per the stats, most superhero flicks make around 400+ reviews from critics. Hence, if Joker whoops 150 more feedbacks with most of them being ‘rotten,’ the film could potentially lose its rating going down below the score of 70%.

And, frankly, in spite of being a critic’s favorite in the early days of its launch, Joker at present is attracting negative feedback. However, the critics do praise Phoenix’s performance calling it top-notch. Yet film’s grim tone and deficiency in-depth are drawing a lot of creative responses.

Well, now I hand it over to you to decide whether or not the film will continue to be ‘Certified Fresh.’ Joker’s already in theatres from 4th October. So, don’t miss out on Phoenix’s one-in-a-lifetime performance.

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