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11 year old girl Brutally Tortured & Raped 110 times by Her Mother’s Monster Boyfriend


A man allegedly raped her girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter several times when the girlfriend wasn’t around. When her mother caught the boyfriend touching her daughter’s genitals, she gets to know about the whole activity and reported to the police

The 38-year-old pedophile named Jose Indalecio Rosales was taken into custody on the charge of raping the young girl multiple times when the mother was out for work.

After catching Rosales’s do such activity, she called the girl in the bedroom and asked what happened. The girl then revealed how Rosales made hef to undress watch porn movies and how he put his sexual organ to the young girl.

The rape has been carried out multiple times from May 2018, and according to Baltimore Sun, the rape kit produced the fact that the girl has been suffering from repeated vaginal penetration.Police refused to file complaint of Gang Rape victim after husband sold her to settle gambling debt

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The suspect reportedly told the investigating officers that he has admitted he raped the young girl a number of 110 times and told her not to reveal anything to teachers and her mother.

Rosales has been convicted of the multiple charges that include second-degree assault, second-degree rape, and the sexual abuse of the minor.

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Rosales is currently behind bars without a bond. He is awaiting his preliminary trial on the date of September 27.

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