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Pregnant Woman lost her Unborn Baby After Police KICKED in her abdomen and Tortured her


Three sisters in Assam, India, were beaten and tortured by the local police. This abhorrent incident resulted in the loss of an unborn baby as one of the victim sister, who was pregnant, was kicked in her abdomen by the horrible police.

On September 8, the police took the three women into custody after these women were connected to an ongoing kidnapping case. This happened in Darrang District, where the Police captured these women in the Sixmile area in Guwahati. They then took them to the Burha Police Outpost, where they literally stripped them naked and began to torture.

Minuwara Begum, Sanuwara, and Rumela were the sisters who were tortured. Later on September 10, Minuwara Begum filed a complaint with Superintendent of Darrang District Police that the police team led by Mahendra Sharma grabbed her and her sisters from their home and transported to Burha Police Outpost. Upon reaching the outpost, Mahendra Sharma and a lady constable allegedly began to thrash the three sisters stripping them naked. Minuwara Begum told that they were tortured for the whole night.Police refused to file complaint of Gang Rape victim after husband sold her to settle gambling debt

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Minuwara filed the complaint, but her case was not registered, but Superintendent of Police of Darrang District reported that the investigation had been started, and he has ordered DSP to look into the case. Minuwara also claimed that the police had threatened her not to file any complaints or tell this about anyone by flashing the pistol.

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Assam CM has ordered the concerned authorities and DIG of Western Range to look after the incident and carry out the inquiry. Also, the SP, Amrit Bhuyan, has promised that if the police did this, then they will register a criminal case.

For now, the Police and lady constable involved are under suspension.

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