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Taylor Swift’s mom sets her up at Jimmy Fallon to debut her post-surgery photage; And we bet you will die laughing seeing her avatar


‘Red’ singer, Taylor Swift, is giving us major after surgery goals. Yes, the country singer is on the road to recovery post her eye surgery. And Momma Swift recently went ahead to post a video of the star in recovery, which garnered a lot of reactions and is total fun to watch.

Well, Fans had a sneak-peek into Taylor’s whole new side that was under the wraps as of yet. All thanks to Jimmy Fallon, who teamed up with Momma Swift to launch Taylor’s funny video from the time the star was recovering. Well, the Show host debuted the video on his stage this Thursday night.

The whole segment of the show was clearly funny. It all started off when the comic host of the show put up questions to Taylor about her time post her eye surgery. Although being suspicious, Taylor did begin to talk about the hard-core people sessions she had to go through. Until the show host gave out the announcement that he was about to unveil Taylor post her surgery. The sudden news did send chills down the star’s spine. As she soon asked if he was going to make it public.

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In the video that surfaced, we see Taylor in her the pair of her protective eyeglasses. Moreover, the singer looks desperate to snack on a banana but, nevertheless, picks on the wrong one. And as she tries to give in to tears, we hear her mother warning her from crying. Henceforth, we see a recovering star having her banana as she lays down on her bed. And we hear the star mother advising her not to fall asleep. To this, we understand the singer telling that her mind’s staying awake.

The whole encounter is recorded by the singer’s mother, who later shares it with Jimmy Fallon to air it during Taylor’s appearance on his show. Well, although Jimmy had a great laugh on the video, we see a clearly embarrassed Taylor with a hint of shock on her face. Later Taylor confesses to being two drinks down before being recorded by her mother.

Well, we love this side of Taylor. And we crave for more of such sides of our celebrities.
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