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Experienced Horse Rider Lost Her Life When Horse Fell On Top Of Her!!!



A girl who recently graduated from the University Of Connecticut has faced an indeed tragic incident of late. The girl was riding a horse a few days back, and while riding, she suddenly fell from the horse. What happened next has come as a shock to many across the world. The horse lost its balance afterward and eventually fell on the girl itself. The rather weird incident became a source of bad news for the girl and her family. The girls succumbed to her injuries and died a tragic death. The incident took place on Monday.


Courtesy- NYTimes

The horserider was a professional n horse riding. She had been the former captain of the UConn equestrian team. Her name was Samantha Calzone, who hails from Greenwich and has done a major in animal science. As told earlier, she was an ace horse rider who had brought many accolades to herself and the University Of Connecticut with the help of her skills. According to the police, the incident was reported from an upstate family farm, which is situated on the Byrds Hill Road around 10:45 a.m. in the morning. The police also stated this in their report that the horse reared for no special reason.

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Samantha Calzone’s former study mates at the University of Connecticut and the members of the UConn Equestrian team have started to send in their condolences for the sad demise of the former captain of the equestrian team. The official social media handle of the UConn equestrian team took to twitter and facebook to acknowledge Samantha Calzone’s contributions to the Universities horse riding facility as a whole. Our condolences and best wishes are with Samantha Calzone’s family, as well. May her soul indeed rest in peace.

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