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Here’s why Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ falls pale in comparison to Heath Ledger’s iconic act


DC’s new movie Joker just hit the theatres, and it has been garnering praise and love from everyone. Since the announcement of the film was made, everyone had been comparing it to Heath Ledger’s performance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. This definitely sent some DC and Heath Ledger fans down the memory lane remembering the iconic and cruel portrayal of Joker by Heath. The movie even won him an Academy Award for Supporting Actor posthumously.

Joker is Joaquin Phoenix’s comeback movie, and it is a one-person show. Joaquin Phoenix steals the show in this movie. But, it does not reach the levels of Heath Ledger’s performance. It is important to remember that The Dark Knight was a Batman movie that had Joker as his nemesis terrorizing the city of Gotham. Manipulation and sadism was his strong forte. How he managed to turntables and made Harvey go on a killing spree was shocking as well as commendable. Blowing up a hospital without looking back, and casually driving away in a bus left the audience in a state of awe.

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Heath Ledger changed his lifestyle to adapt to the character of Joker. He locked himself in a room alone to get into character. He read real-life sadistic stories and brutal scenes from the earlier Batman comics. Heath Ledger’s Joker tortured his victims by cutting the corners of the mouth till the ear. He was cruel and never showed mercy. Even 11 years after the movie’s release, Joker immediately reminds one of Heath Ledger only.

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However, Joker is the origin movie of the Clown Prince of Crime. The film is the journey of Arthur Fleck’s transformation into Joker. Exploring his family, work-life, mental state, love life, and social circle, Joker, justifies the becoming of Joker by Arthur Fleck. He is the anti-hero in the movie. There is no lead protagonist in the film. There were even a few scenes in the film that paid tribute to Heath Ledger’s performance.

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