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Joker’s Director ‘Todd Phillips’ Speaks About “John Wick 3”!!


Joker’s director is raising a valid point in the form of the question. He asked why John Wick Got a Pass? Todd Phillips is the director of the joker, and it is assumed movie to earn billion dollars before it’s release in the upcoming next movie.

What Did All Controversies begin With The Joker Movie By Todd Phillips? 

The movie portrays a white man shooting people, and some think this type of cruel violence is too reminiscent of real-life’s mass shootings in America.

Todd Phillips responded to these comments. He said, but this is not the issue that the movie is trying to show. The movie still revolves around a fictional world. It can have real-world indications, opinions, but it’s a fictional character in a fictional world that’s been around for 80 years.

Joker's Director 'Todd Phillips' Speaks About "John Wick 3"!!

The one that annoys me is the destructive white male thing when you go, ‘Oh, I just saw John Wick 3.’ He’s a white man who kills 300 people, and everybody’s laughing and hooting and shouting. Why does this movie understand to different standards? It genuinely doesn’t make any sense to me.

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Todd Phillips Questions And Points Raised On John Wick 3

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Though the point he raised is genuine. And of course, the prominent difference here is that the Clown Prince of Crime is a villain, and John Wick is an anti-hero.

He’s in clown attire and is based on a comic book character who’s been represented this way for many decades, so there really isn’t much that’s new or has something very different here.

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