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“Justin Bieber” Spotted With “IV drips” On His Arms. Fans Just Wishing It To Be A Regular Check-up, Not Something Chronic!!


Does having an IV on the arms is really a big deal? Or is it just because a celebrity is spotted with it? And some Believers are definitely overwhelmed by such a scenario of their favorite being down with his health.

The whole scene had most of them shook. But what had actually happened? The ‘Sorry’ singer was seen on about at the streets of L.A. with a pink bandage on his forearm. The 25-year-old also had a black bag that contained his IV drips. Bieber was also seen guarded and accompanied by his security. The fans wished that it was nothing but a regular health routine check-up. The pictures that circulated of Justin Bieber around the social media could be comprehended that he seems perfectly fine.

Image source: Hollywood Life
Image source: Hollywood Life


But his fans are still in search of an explanation. A lot of them tweeted around the same matter in order to get a clearer picture of the singer’s health that had left everybody feared. The fans went on to speculate, and the medium that everybody came on as one and discussed was Twitter. One fan tweeted, putting out his concern by asking whether Bieber is doing fine and that the IV on his arms freaked him/her out. But on an optimistic note, one tweeted, “He is fine. IV therapy manages to transfer fluid into the body for hydration and vitamins”. It has definitely become a trend, the other tweeted.

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But is it something that actually needs fans to worry about? Because Justin was extremely happy the days before. He had celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with wife Hailey Baldwin on a great and affectionate note. Their celebration ended with wife Hailey, 22, posting their mirror selfie on her Instagram captioned “1 year of being Mrs”. She also dismissed the criticism questioning their marriage. But hope online hate doesn’t affect after all. It is just IV. I hope Justin does well.

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