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Kylie Jenner embracing being a mom during her time apart with Travis Scott; Kylie posts Stormi videos that are totally cute


Who would have thought to be on a relationship break could be so much fun? Well, it’s none other than King Kylie herself whose constantly breaking the internet with everything cute and sexy since her breakup. Forth her hot pictures in an orange dress, the Baby Momma has shared her year-old daughter’s video. And we are totally digging on it.

Yes, Kylie recently put on display Stormi’s footages from playing with her cousins to climbing bridges.
And this little one is a total charmer, so to say. On 4th October, the Kylie Cosmetics founder surprised her baby girl with a more significant swing set. In the video, that came out, Kylie is seen filming Stormi as she reveals to her that she has got her a surprise. We guess Stormi totally loved her little surprise, though. Further, in the video, we had Kylie asking Stormi what she wanted her Momma to do. To which the little toddler asked to climb her the bridge, which the 22-year-old struggled to understand. Mentioning in the clip that she felt Stormi said ‘bitch’ instead of ‘bridge.’ Well, Stormi is still starting to learn how to speak, and hence at times, it can be difficult to interpret her baby lingo.

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However, the little sunshine looked dope wearing a shirt with his daddy’s doll on it. Also, Stormi had an animal print jacket on top of it, along with little black shorts. It was so cute to see a 1-year-old munchkin hold a black purse in her hand as she walks to the backyard to see the surprise. Later in the other video, we see Chicago playing on the swing set with Stormi, who struggles to cross the bridge. And we hear Kylie being the perfect mom and encouraging Stormi to get over her fears. Indeed, the Momma did succeed in doing so, and we are totally in awe seeing this Momma-daughter duo.

Kylie went a step ahead and captioned all this cuteness as being the best thing in her life. Further, she also expressed how there was nothing better than being a mother. Even, grandmother Kris Jenner too commented with hearts on the video.

It looks like Kylie is subsiding into her daughter during her time apart from Travis Scott. Although we hope the couple resolves all their issues and gets back together. Nevertheless, for now, we are totally in love with Stormi Webster’s videos.
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