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Mother Repeatedly RAPED by husband for 10 Years infront of her children


A 35-year-old sexual assault survivor recently spoke about her distressing life for nearly a decade, where she was abused continuously and harassed by her own husband.

The 35-year-old, Jane Hanmore, who also happens to be the mother of five children, is now relieved to be safe from the dominance and control of her disgusting husband. She told that her ex-husband, Brian Hanmore, repeatedly raped her weekly for nearly a decade, even in front of their children.

The sick monster started to mentally abuse Jane from the early days when they began dating, calling her out fat and lazy. She told that one day, the assault reached so beyond that her children came to ask why she was crying.

Brian Hanmore is now serving jail terms for ten years. He was convicted of the sexual assault and five counts of rape in January 2018. But Jane didn’t want this. Instead, she wished the nasty creature would get jailed for more long years.

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Jane now wants every woman who has been the victim of domestic rape should speak out and encouraged to expose the dreadful people who are degrading the value of respect and humanity.

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She told her she met the rapist husband back in 2001 and recalled that the first time Brian raped her was when their son was just five months old. When the children caught them and asked why the mother was crying, she would go on to tell them that she had cut her finger.

Once in 2013, though Jane left Brian and issued an anti-molestation order, he broke into her house and strangled her. Her baby boys heard something was unusual and went to rescue her; one even called the police.

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