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SONY Released Official Spider-Man’s “Night Monkey” Trailer Following Split Up From “MCU”. Know Why It’s Just A Stupid Decision??


Sony has released a trailer of ‘Night Monkey,’ and this is creating a major scene. Since Spider-Man’s split from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney, Sony has made some stupid decisions with Spider-Man.

SONY ENTERTAINMENT released this new trailer, which is not really a “new trailer” but a spoof or alternative trailer of “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” The new trailer brings Peter Parker’s alter-ego, the Night Monkey, in the spotlight.

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Ned, Parker’s best friend, gives him the name ‘The Night Monkey’ when he tried to avoid suspicion.

In the clip, we see Tom Holland as Peter Parker wearing his exclusive black suit with the tagline, “When night falls, a new hero rises. The night belongs to the monkey.”


A quick deal struck between MCU and SONY after the release of Captain America: Civil War, which allowed the webbed superhero to enter the MCU. Marvel, as well as SONY, would co-produce the solo movie alongside.

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In the month of August, two major companies Marvel and Sony parted ways after the latter failed to reach an agreement with Marvel’s parent company Disney over the future of the Spider-Man movie franchise.

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To many Marvel fan’s dismay, they both do not plan to come together in the near future. The SONY chairman Tony Vinciquerra has admitted that the door is closed on the slim hopes that Spider-Man would rejoin MCU.

The trailer arrived after a controversial split and shocked the fans. The jokes started pouring that Marvel should include Night Monkey in them as SONY already took rights for Spider-Man.

Let’s see what happens between MCU and SONY. Do you think they should make a new movie named ‘Night Monkey’?

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