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Taylor Swift Left Embarrased After Her Mother Shared Singer’s Video Post Surgery Crying Over A Banana


Queen of Breakup songs, Taylor Swift, was bewildered after it was revealed to her that mom Andrea Swift shared an unseen video of the singer post her eye surgery in which she is crying over a banana. Her mom sent this video to Jimmy Fallon, which he revealed to Swift while interviewing her on his show.

Taylor Swift might not come out of the shock soon, which the revelation of the hilarious video has done to her, all hail to her mother, who spared the time to share the video with Jimmy Fallon. It was revealed to her on Fallon’s The Tonight Show where Fallon began the show by asking Swift about her LASIK eye surgery, of which no on expecting Taylor and her mother knew. Taylor, of course, was left spell bounded and was clueless about how Fallon knew about her eye surgery. It was after that Fallon opened up about the video that Andrea Swift sent to him in which Taylor is petty over a spoilt banana.

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In the funny video, Andrea secretly records Swift post her eye surgery while she was recovering from it. In the video, swift has protective goggles taped to her eyes, and as she struggles with eating a bunch of bananas, she breaks down when she couldn’t find its head. After that, the pop icon is sleep eating the bananas, saying, ” I am not asleep. My mid is alive.”

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This was totally unbelievable on Taylor Swift’s part because she seemed shook while the video played. Had she known anything about this hilarious video of hers, she would definitely leave no stone unturned to make it vanish. As the show proceeded, Fallon tried discussing with the singer about her recent Saturday Night Live show up, to which Taylor didn’t respond much as she still seemed awestruck by the sudden revelation.

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