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“Taylor Swift” Opened Up Pages On Her Feud With Rapper “Kanye West”. Said “He Is Two-Faced Man”!!


Taylor Swift and Kanye West are two famous personalities in the entertainment and music industry. Their work and style inspire many.
The two celebrities made some entertaining news back in 2009.
The rapper back in 2009 had interrupted Swift’s onstage acceptance speech at the VMA awards. She got the Best Female Award. He interrupted by says, “Yo, Taylor; I’m really happy for you. I’m let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time”!!
West had given apologies for the aforesaid comment, but later, he also stated that it was only out of peer pressure and not that he regretted it.
Later they shared another controversy in 2015 through the “Famous.”
The lyrics of the songs called her bitch.  Kanye contented that he seeks Taylor’s permission before release. Such was denied by her anyways.
Kim tried making them talk on the phone but ended not as expected.
In her Rolling Interview, She said old Taylor cannot come on to the phone right now because she is dead..!
“Kanye is a two-faced man. He wants to be nice with her behind the scenes but wants to look cool in front of everyone and talk shit,” she said.
She told stated that he wanted to talk to her in the dressing room and apologize after the incident at the stage in 2009, but she refused. That’s is why he sent her flowers and an apology letter.

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