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Priyanka reveals Sophie’s love for being called ‘Jethani’; And the story behind J sisters coming to life


Priyanka Chopra Jonas is always sporting her culture that she is extremely proud of. Whether it be her ‘Bindi’ in her Met Gala look or her house fridge filled with ‘pickle,’ this leading lady always manages to add a bit of her ‘Desi’ into everything. And this time, it is a relationship with the other J sisters that we are totally loving.

Yes, marriage is an institution that brings in two families, and when the two families come from different cultures, clashes are bound to happen. However, some people are proving otherwise. And who better it be than our power couple Priyanka and Nick Jonas who are setting couple goals for their fans. Priyanka has been quite successful in coloring the Jonas household in her Desi Indian colors.

We are well aware that the Jonas brothers are bonded closely; however, this brother bond is constantly facing competition from the closeness of their wives. Yes, the three sisters-in-law are all one can dream of. And recently, Priyanka unveiled how well Sophie Turner fitted into her ‘Jethani’ role. Furthermore, Priyanka confessed how much Turner loved to be called by the Indian term for sister-in-law itself. It looks like Sophie’s enjoying every bit of having an Indian addition to the family. In her recent sit-down with the Indulge Express, Priyanka revealed some inside jokes about her ‘Devrani-Jethani’ relationships in the Jonas family.

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Although Priyanka is older than her newly found sister, Turner, yet Indian customs lend her the privilege of being the elder one since she is married to Joe Jonas. And Sophie is totally digging it. Revealing further, Priyanka told, however, she is not sure, but the term, J Sisters might have been born in her bachelorette. Ahead of this, she said it began as a joke as the trio was called Jonas Brothers. Hence, the three sisters, too, wanted to have a name for them, and that’s how Jonas Sisters came to being.

Moreover, we totally love the strength of this sister trio that breaks conventional household things.
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