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Samuel Jackson gives back to Martin Scorsese forth his comment on Superhero movies; And the whole fued is on fire


You will better off be an alien if you aren’t aware of Martin Scorsese’s recent comment on the famous Marvel flicks. This top-notch filmmaker is recently under the rage for drawing a comparison between superhero flicks and theme parks. Yes, Martin pointed out that these films failed to capture the in-depth soul of cinema.

Although this statement did manage well to get a reaction from the filmmakers like James Gunn and Joss Whedon, and now it is actor Samuel L. Jackson who has decided to add to the fire as reported by Variety. Breaking his silence, Jackson expressed how sad the whole Scorsese situation made him. And, the actor did not shy away from highlighting that everyone did not have a taste for films of Scorsese’s genre either.

The actor also remarked that Scorsese’s comments were like saying that Bugs Bunny was not funny. Furthermore, he said that movies are movies, and everyone has their own different taste. Jackson told that although he had a liking for Scorsese’s creations but that didn’t include everyone. This is what came from Jackson while he was attending Tyler Perry’s brand new studio back in Atlanta. Jackson completely confessed that people could have different opinions, but that won’t interfere with the creation of movies of different genres.

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Well, Jackson’s remarkable reaction came forth Scorsese’s interview where the ace filmmaker downgraded superhero films to theme parks. Moreover, Scorsese even went ahead to dismissing MCU as not being a part of the cinema at all. All of this came from Scorsese while he was promoting his movie ‘The Irishman.’

Scorsese even said that he did not watch them; however, he has tried doing so when asked by an interviewer. Scorsese told that they were not something where humans attempted to forward a part of their experiences to another of its kind.
Moreover, something like this coming from a top-notch filmmaker has invited sharp reactions on Twitter. Even the fans have been quite harsh on Scorsese for giving out such a hard comment on MCU movies.

Well, Scorsese, we do love MCU, and we hope that everyone’s reaction tries and brings a change into your perspective.
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